Saturday, January 22, 2011

You say Tow-Mater...

What started as the above-boring, blank, but delicious red velvet cake with creamy vanilla frosting (courtesy of Magnolia Bakery's Cookbook), later turned into this...

...My rather amateur attempt at recreating a rusty old truck from a children's movie, but hey, I think it turned out alright! I spent about 3 hours on just decorating this cake, paying extreme attention to even the most minimal details. My poor brother, just back from New Zealand and now off to Burlington, was forced to sit there watching me frost and ice and the rate of about one line per 2 minutes. As I was slapping on the crumb coating,
"what's a crumb coat?"
"it seals the crumbs in so they don't get in the icing"
"you could use more," gesturing to the mounds of icing I still had in my trusty kitchenaid bowl. I did manage to use most of it to smooth out the cake, but there is still a gladware container of it nestled in my fridge between the lbs of unsalted butter and some pesto.
He was complaining about the temptation, which is ironic because he was the very same brother who suggested we make cookie dough dip only a few days prior.
Like me,his dietary habits tend to be sporadic, at least while he's home and in view of the fresh plethora of baked goods I usually have cramming up my counter space.
You may think I would be the favorite of the house-
Not so.
Every member of my family is constantly attempting to resist temptation, which is nearly impossible when I have free reign in the kitchen. It's important to note that I advocate willpower, but it doesn't seem to be that easy.
Who cares anyway? It's not like baked goods are bad for you.
They are?
My bad.

This is for my old babysitter's daughter's 2nd birthday. She loves Cars, especially Mater, her birthday is tomorrow so hopefully I can get some pictures up of her reaction to the cake!

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